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We help you to transform you innovative ideas into a thriving businesses. We are specialized in orofacial care, with a specific attention for bruxism treatment solutions.Our mission is to nurture startups in dental care. Join us as we pave the way for a future where innovative orofacial care solutions redefine what's possible in dental health entrepreneurship.

Medical expertise. Shared.

Medical Insight

Dentiventures bridges the gap between groundbreaking ideas and medical proficiency.
Our Chief Medical Officer lends her extensive expertise to ensure your dental health solutions are not only innovative but also medically sound.
From concept to care, we guide you through the intricacies of patient needs and industry standards.

Strategic Industry Connections


Your vision deserves the best trajectory for success, and at Dentiventures, we chart that path.
With experience in marketing, SEO, and business development, we transform your bruxism-centric innovations into market-ready ventures.
Together, we'll build brand presence and secure your niche in the dental health arena.

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DentiVentures was set up by Fien and Maarten.
Fien is the medical mastermind.
Accredited physical therapist specialising in jaw pain.
Maarten is the technical and business guru.
Engineer, experienced Business Developer

Walk the talk


Current or earlier involvements

  • Sovn, a biofeedback device. Medical expertise, advisory role

  • BruxismAcademy, bruxism education portal. Product development, medical expertise, SEO, investor relations

  • Myotense, a medical device for medical imaging. Product and business development, support subsidy phase

  • Kaakpunt, an online bruxism training program. Business and Product development, medical expertise, SEO

How we do things


What are we looking for?

  • Within our focus area (bruxism, orofacial care)

  • Family and/or female owned

  • Work based on an equity share ( templates). We are not inclined towards consultancy agreements.

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